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Testimonials from some of our members:

Despite losing 13.7kg, over 17% of bodyweight, most of my previous clothes and some hair, I feel I gained more than I lost. I now have the skills and the belief that I can lose weight. Previously I would lose only 3 or 4kg then regain it, and my weight had crept gradually from normal to obese. I have no intention of regaining any of that previous weight, but I now know I can succeed in losing weight. – Anne R.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone (staff and members) at the SCHC, for being supportive, respectful and encouraging. It has turned my life around. It will also make  big difference to our family’s quality of life, now and in the future. – Catriona B.

Because I am 70 years old, I was not at all sure that I would be able to do the Body Transformation Challenge, but it seemed an ideal way to improve my fitness and lose a bit of weight.  However, I talked to some of the trainers at SCHC and they encouraged me to give it a go. It has shown me that, even for Seniors, it is possible to make considerable improvements in health and fitness. – Jennie W.

I have come to the realisation that whether it be a sweat-soaked Body Attack class, or a reflective walk around the lake, you should take that time to dedicate to yourself and your body as often as you can, even when you feel like it’s the last thing you want to do, because it will always be worth it, for both your mental and physical health. – Siobhan

*Please note that results may vary from person to person, and that there is no guarantee of specific results.