Class Descriptions

CYCLE: Studio 1

Cycle Beats – view class timetable
Ride the rhythm through a musically driven workout that will inspire the rockstar in you! Previously known as Classic Cycle.

My Ride Live – view class timetable
Music, coaching and visual terrain on the big screen combine for an outdoor riding experience indoors.

Power Cycle – view class timetable
An individual workout in a group environment, setting your unique Functional Threshold Power (FTP) allows our coaches to guide everyone through the same workout while accounting for all fitness levels.

Smooth Cycle – view class timetable
A shorter class for beginners or those wanting a gentler workout. We want everyone to feel comfortable on the bike.

Virtual Cycle – view class timetable
Virtual coaching technology via the big screen gives you more options to train at your leisure.

AEROBICS: Studio 2

Aeromix – view class timetable
Cardio fitness, everyday strength, coordination and mobility combine in a fun aerobic styled class that will keep you fit and healthy for daily living. Previously known as 50 Aero.

Absolution – view class timetable
Want firm flat abs and a strong lower back? Here’s your solution. Previously known as ABC 30.

Activ – view class timetable
A low impact aerobics class combining basic and athletic rhythmic movements to exercise large muscle groups. Improve your cardio-vascular fitness and flexibility while having fun.

Body Dynamics – view class timetable
A blend of yoga, pilates, stretching and body awareness. Great for core strength, flexibility, balance and muscular endurance.

Boxfit – view class timetable
Using techniques and drills from boxing training combined with cardio. Previously known as SX Boxfit.

Flexibility – view class timetable
Using simple and dynamic stretches, you will increase your range of motion and release tension.

Hatha Yoga – view class timetable
Align and calm your mind, body and spirit in this gentle nurturing class.

HiLo Combo – view class timetable
A fusion of floor, step, swissball and weighted exercises. Go at your own pace to develop your cardio fitness and functional strength.

Loaded – view class timetable
Lifting barbells and dumbells to awesome beats, you will find your firm, toned body in no time! Previously known as SX Enduro.

Meditation view class timetable
Find stillness in your body and mind to enhance your focus and sense of clarity and purpose.

Mania view class timetable
Be ready for anything and everything! Tabata intervals, bodyweight, equipment and more will burn calories and raise your metabolism for hours. A different plan each month will challenge and excite you to find your inner athlete. Previously known as SX Power.

Punch view class timetable
Drills and techniques from boxing combined with cardio exercises will get you fit quick! All levels of capability are catered for! Previously known as SX Boxfit.

Rockbottom view class timetable
30 minutes of glute focussed exercises and movements to develop functional power and glutes that salute!

Tai Chi view class timetable
Find increased balance, mobility and physical and mental wellbeing through the flow of martial arts movements.

Technique – view class timetable
Ask our trainer all of your questions about technique and structure of our Loaded and Punch classes. A great way to learn what is involved and perfect your form!

Tone & Flex – view class timetable
Focusing on functional mobility and postural strength, this class integrates Pilates styled exercises with simple stretches for you to maintain ease of movement in your day.

Vinyasa Yoga – view class timetable
Focus inward, synchronise breath and movement – options ensure everyone can fully participate.

Yoga Beat – view class timetable
Strengthening and lengthening poses to improve strength and mobility.

Zumba – view class timetable
A latin inspired dance fitness class that is friendly and fun!

Zumba Lite – view class timetable
Designed to be a little gentler for you, but it will still make you sweat!

Zumba Toning – view class timetable
Sculpt and tone your body while you are caught up in the high energy Zumba cardio fun!

CIRCUIT: Studio 3

Active Living – view class timetable
Move it or lose it as they say! And if you’ve already lost it, come and regain it again. A circuit with cardio and coordination stations. Functional exercises to help with strength and mobility. Medical clearance required. Previously known as 50 Plus Circuit.

Bodyweight – view class timetable
Use your body to improve your body. A mix of bodyweight exercises to improve strength and endurance. You are guaranteed to burn calories in a fun and supportive environment. Previously known as Body Blast.

Circuit – view class timetable
Mixing up strength and cardio focussed stations, using machines, free weights and other fitness tools, you will get a wholebody workout that you can modify as needed.

Cross Body view class timetable
Combining different elements of fitness for maximum benefit for you. Mon and Wed start with 25 minutes of Swiss Ball in Studio 2, and Fridays kick off with 25 minutes of Smooth Cycle in Studio 1. Then head into Studio 3 to use traditional and non-traditional gym and exercise equipment to complete your total body workout.

HIIT8 view class timetable
A high intensity full body workout to increase fitness, strength and endurance. Each session uniquely mixes a range of equipment and conditioning exercises for extreme fun and results. Previously known as Special Forces.