Class Descriptions

CYCLE: Studio 1

Classic Cycle – view class timetable
Working with the highs and lows, the beat and rhythm, and verse and chorus as their guide, our coaches will take you on a purely music driven workout as you’ve come to enjoy.

My Ride Live – view class timetable
Guided by a stunning visual terrain, you will enjoy a Virtual Cycle outdoor riding experience that our coaches pre-plan and match with music to amplify your mood and energy.

Power Cycle – view class timetable
Using five coloured training zones linked to WattRate® (power) and Functional Threshold Power (FTP), our coaches guide the entire class through the same workout, while delivering a uniquely personal outcome to each participant.

Smooth Cycle – view class timetable
A great 30 minute introduction class to Cycle for those who have never cycled before or would just like a gentler class. Great for all ages and levels of fitness.

Virtual Cycle – view class timetable
With no coach present, your workout is guided through immersive technology to give you more options to train at your leisure.

AEROBICS: Studio 2

50 Aero – view class timetable
More aerobic movements, more coordination and more mobility than the 50plus Circuit class. It is best that you have participated in a 50plus class before progressing to this class.

ABC30 – view class timetable
Abs + Back = Core. A 30 minute core workout designed to target, isolate and strengthen your middle.

Activ – view class timetable
Get moving with a blend of basic and athletic movements. Improve your range of movement and function. Great for weight loss. Low impact, but gets your heart rate up. Lots of repetitions.

Beginners Yoga – view class timetable
Learn the basics of yoga to help you to progress to Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. Learn gentle but effective techniques for strength, mobility and breathing.

Body Balance – view class timetable
Inspired by yoga, Tai Chi and pilates. Great for flexibility, toning, core strength and muscular endurance. Improves joint flexibility and range  of motion.

Body Dynamics – view class timetable
A blend of yoga, pilates, stretching  and body awareness. Great for core strength, flexibility, balance and muscular endurance. Focus on posture, no impact.

Chair Yoga – view class timetable
Accessible yoga from a chair or seated position.

Flexibility – view class timetable
A dynamic flexibility class with simple stretching and postural focus.Great for increasing range of motion and mobility and releasing tension. Targets whole body.

Hatha Yoga – view class timetable
Strengthening and lengthening poses to improve strength and mobility.

HiLo Combo – view class timetable
A fusion of floor, step, swiss ball and weighted exercises. Go at  your own pace. Great for weight loss, body toning, and cardiovascular fitness.

Restorative Yoga – view class timetable
Practise using props so you can relax. Restorative poses include gentle twists, back extension and seated forward folds.

Stretch Yoga – view class timetable
A gentle, basic class that allows a unique stretching style of yoga. This is a good place to learn basic yoga poses and relaxation techniques while giving you a full body stretch.

SX Boxfit – view class timetable
SX Boxfit is back. Using techniques and drills from boxing training combined with cardio, Boxfit will offer a total fitness session suitable for all fitness levels including beginners.

SX Enduro – view class timetable
A range of weighted exercises combined with some challenging cardio routines,  while getting the benefits of a more toned body. Great for muscle endurance, body toning and weight loss.

SX Power – view class timetable
A class that will challenge you every time – a different class  plan each month  to keep you on your toes. A perfect all over  body workout with a core  strengthening component.

Technique – view class timetable
Ask our trainer all of your questions about technique and structure of our SX Enduro and SX Punch classes. A great way to learn what is involved and perfect your form!

Tone & Flex – view class timetable
Strength and flexibility are two essentials of a healthy body. Strength allows our bodies to hold posture and protects us from injury, and flexibility allows us to move about freely in our daily activities. This class will provide you with both of these key components.

Vinyasa Yoga – view class timetable
Focus inward, synchronise breath and movement – options ensure everyone can fully participate.

Yoga Beat – view class timetable
Strengthening and lengthening poses to improve strength and mobility.

Zumba – view class timetable
A dance-fitness class that is friendly and fun. Great for weight loss, muscle toning  and coordination. Total body workout.

Zumba Lite – view class timetable
Designed to be a little gentler for you, but it will still make  you sweat!

Zumba Toning – view class timetable
When it comes to body sculpting, Zumba Toning raises the bar. Targeted body sculpting exercises and high energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves to tone all your target areas including arms, abs, glutes and thighs. Zumba Toning is the perfect way to sculpt your body naturally, while having a total blast.

CIRCUIT: Studio 3

Active Living – view class timetable
Previously known as 50 Plus Circuit. Move it or lose it as they say! And if you’ve already lost it, come and regain it again. A Hydraulic circuit with cardio and coordination stations. Increased range of movement. Functional exercises to help with strength and mobility. Make new friends in this class. Medical clearance required.

Body Blast – view class timetable
Use your body to improve your body! Body weight and cardio based high intensity outdoor training session. 45 minute class..

Circuit – view class timetable
A variety of cardio and strength exercises using hydraulic equipment. Vary the intensity to suit your fitness level. Great for weight loss and strength. Increases stamina and cardiovascular fitness. Whole body workout.

Special Forces – view class timetable
Tyres, vipers, kettlebells, battleropes, sleds and deadballs will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning in this vigorous 30 minute full body workout.