Stellar Canberra – Frequently Asked Questions

With our new health and wellness centre, Stellar Canberra, opening in March 2018, there are understandably a few questions that you may have.

Will my current Membership price be increased?

No – we are committed to ensuring current Members have no price increase until at least August 2018.

What will happen to my Membership price after August 2018?

There may be increases after this date but in most circumstances we anticipate it to be in small increments aligned to CPI increase to ensure we maintain Canberra’s best wellness centre.

What will change with my Membership when we become Anytime Fitness?

You will still get the same great customer service and staff. You will get better equipment. You will get access to over 3000 clubs worldwide 24 hours a day. You will get access to an online mobile training application that will allow you to keep on track with your goals. You will still have access to group fitness classes.

Will I lose anything that I currently have?

No – you will retain all of the current services you have now along with gaining all of the benefits of Anytime Fitness and getting access to scheduled member free time in the Stellar pool.

What will be in the Stellar pool?

In the Stellar pool we will operate learn to swim lessons, aqua aerobics classes, rehab sessions plus scheduled Member free time each day.

Will I have to pay extra for this?

There will be fees for new services such as aqua aerobics, learn to swim and rehab classes. There will be no extra charge to use the Stellar pool during Member free time. We hope to have a final list of prices out to members by the end of October.

How much free time access to the Stellar pool will there be?

We expect there will be about 25 hours a week of scheduled free access time for Members to use.

Will the Stellar pool be heated and what energy rating does it have?

Yes, the Stellar pool will be heated to around 29 – 33c, which is the recommended temperature from our pool consultant.

Will I get a discount on other services?

We will have CSCC member pricing for any service that we operate. Ensure your Canberra Southern Cross Club membership is active to get these discounts. There will be some businesses within Stellar Canberra run by independent operators. We will be encouraging them to offer discounts to CSCC and SCHC Members.

What classes will there be?

We are working through a thorough review of all current classes to ensure our offer is best in market. If you have any suggestions, please let Bec Eyers, our group fitness coordinator, know by emailing .

Will we need to book for classes?

You will be able to book classes through the new Links system bringing us into line with other best in class gyms. You will also be able to turn up on the day for a class; however you will not be guaranteed a spot. We will be monitoring this closely and expect to launch the booking system before we move to Stellar Canberra so that Members can familiarise themselves with the Links system.

How will I get into the gym property?

There will be a road of Launceston street. There will also be dedicated cycle and pedestrian walk ways.

Will I have to pay for parking?

No – for members who are using the facility there will be no paid parking. We are looking into car park management systems to ensure that people are not abusing the car park.

How many car parks will there be?

We plan to have 200 car spaces.

What if I can’t get a park?

We don’t believe there will be a time when parking is not available. Should this occur there is public parking nearby, bicycle racks on site and easy walking access to the club.

Will there be new equipment?

Yes –  we will have state of the art equipment throughout the centre.

When will the changeover of membership occur and how will I know what to do?

We plan to start changing over all current members from January. We will be communicating the changes in the coming months and advising on what is required. It will be a very simple transition.

Will I have to sign new documentation?

Yes – you will need to sign new documentation for this facility.

When will I get access to the Anytime Fitness Gym?

We will be issuing Anytime access cards in early 2018.

How big is the Anytime Gym

The new Anytime Gym will be over 900m2.

Will the gym still be staffed as it is currently?

Yes, we will have staff in the centre from 530am until 8pm. We will also have staff available on weekends as we currently do.

Will there be any outdoor facilities like the equipment at the current site?

Yes, we shall be relocating most of our current outdoor equipment and developing a new outdoor sled track on site.

Will I still be able to suspend my membership if I travel?

Yes, it will be the same as before. But even better, if you want to train whilst away, you’ll be able to access 3000 Anytime Gyms worldwide.

Will there be any child minding facilities available?

Yes, there will be a drop in crèche available to members at an additional cost paid to the Childcare operator. It will be available from 9am – 1pm, Monday to Friday. Pricing for this service will be released in early 2018.